Onion Over VPN Nordvpn Reviews: Details, Coupon, & Features

Introduction Onion Over VPN Nordvpn

Before discussing, we should know what Nordvpn onion over VPN is. It is a VPN or network? Onion is a network where online traffic goes through a proper channel called Onion over VPN. It is only accessible by an Onion router browser called Tor. But if you use NordVPN, you don’t need to install any special browser.

onion over vpn nordvpn
onion over vpn nordvpn

It is a way to protect your surfing data does not matter where you are living. Either your country has a strict censorship law. Onion over VPN gives your unknown identity. The question arises, VPN also protects your data and takes you to any virtual location, then why we use Onion over VPN?

Here we understand the difference and do research on Tor. Both services, either it is Onion Network or VPN, give you an anonymous browsing experience. The difference between them is the Onion network only gives the unknown identity while routing on HTTP web traffic. It is basically additional security, doubles your security, but we have to know how VPN and Onion’s network works together. Hence, to vanish confusion, here are some points to discuss in order to get its true concept. You May Be Interested In More Turbo VPN Pro: Turbo VPN PRO APK  

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

As many users know, VPN provides the encryption in internet connection between your computer and VPN Company. While using the VPN, nobody can interrupt your data because it shifts your server from your physical location to any virtual location, either selected automatically or manually. 

what is onion over vpn
what is onion over vpn

The most common example of using VPN is in between the company’s employees while they are working remotely. No company wants to reveal its data except to provide his employee. Same as above, many universities who have an online education system use their system in paid courses that are online.

But it is not also for Companies, Organizations, and Universities. But any person can take advantage of a VPN. While looking at the activity of VPN providers, they are mostly giving access to online streaming because different countries have different restrictions policies. There are only 4 countries US, GB, Norway, and Canada who are giving access to Netflix, but people are using Netflix from any country by just hiding IP addresses by using a VPN. You May Be Interested In More Nord VPN Pro: Nord VPN PRO APK  

VPN Types:

There are 2 types of VPN. 

1. Remote access VPN

2. Site to Site.

Remote access VPN:

This server can be used by any user with a proper login method, and from everywhere, you just need your internet connection. VPN is directly connected with a computer or laptop, or android device.

Site to Site:

This second type is more restrictive than the first one. Every type of virtual private network is a site-to-site. These types of servers are a little restrictive than remote access servers. Because the connection is with the main network, but their locations are pre-established.

While getting information and access on-site to the site network, you have to go to the location where the server connection first takes place. This type of most powerful security system is used by confidential offices where information leakage is a big problem.

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We have cleared our concept; now, we will talk about the Onion/Tor Network.

Onion over VPN or Tor Network:

It is amazing to hear that Why this network is called Onion? Onion has multiple layers and carries each of its parts into its layer. The same happens with the Onion network. At the same time, a user searches on different sites and open different links, so Onion over VPN saves information in multiple layers. It is similar to the VPN, but security increases by creating encrypted layers over any information. We can say that it is a double security option. You May Also Be Interested In More AVG Secure VPN Pro: AVG Secure VPN PRO APK  

The best part of Onion Network is that it is free to use because there are many volunteer experts who are giving this service without any charge, but in VPN, you have to pay for getting the subscription.

The onion network consists of different types of nodes. When you search for something, your search information goes to different nodes. Every node first safe its coming information and then transfer it to the next phase. A hacker can only get the data of the last person who provided it, and all information remains safe.

But we discussed previously that Onion works only on HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This is a service protocol used in the whole world web. 

This whole world web gives us the top-secret information about anything you want to know. There is a world on the web called the Dark Web that is consisted of all legal and illegal information. You can get access to it while using Tor.   You May Also Be Interested In More VPN Pro: Avast Secureline VPN  

But we cannot believe on one end only as there is safety from VPN and Onion over VPN, there is also a huge threat from the hackers because they are now very advance and can get your data hacked. So think before sharing your most confidential data over the network. nordvpn onion over vpn

VPN and Onion over VPN work together?

While using Onion over VPN service, the first activity performed by the user on, the internet goes to VPN service and then pass through Onion network. The double security and privacy hidden work take place, so no hacker tracks your information because of virtual location.

Many populations of the world living in countries with strong internet restrictions while using it, visiting and streaming different sites. Onion over VPN allows those people to use anything in the world and about the world. But it is necessary to know either you are using Onion or not. Your internet provider knows that you used Tor or not.

Use of Tor is legally prohibited, and Government authorities put you in jail while using Tor. But there is also flexible due to Democracy that everyone is free to do whatever he wants to do.

If you want your internet provider don’t know either you are using Onion or not, then you have to try to use a virtual private network. 

Pros and Cons of using Onion over VPN:

Onion over VPN has both pros and cons. Everyone should read it before using Tor.


  • It provides a double VPN service two-time powerful protection.
  • While using both VPN and Tor, your provider of the internet will not be able to access your searched websites.
  • Your real IP cannot be exposed either your connection is interrupted or compromised, as traffic is encrypted by the VPN.


  • As Tor is much slower than a VPN, so there is a problem with Speed while using Tor with VPN; if your internet speed is slower, then avoid using Tor because it is purposeless.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
what is onion over vpn?
what is onion over VPN VPN is one of the best Virtual private networks at this moment. you can access the Onion network only with The Onion Router and (Tor) browser. With NordVPN, you don’t need to download a special browser.
How to use onion over vpn?
The use of Onion Over VPN is super simple and easy. You just need to toggle the option’s slider, and the VPN will then automatically connect to the Tor network

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